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  • By: David Prentice
WELL, THIS IS EMBARASSING In a case from just last month, the Second District Court of Appeal upheld the discharge of a deputy sheriff for “embarrassing” her department.A Sheriff’s Deputy (deputy one) was assigned to work in the county jail as a correctional officer after just four (4) months on the job.  She continued to work as a correctional officer, and in 2010 she...

We Were On A Boat: Self-Care in the Time of a Global Pandemic.

  • By: Gretchen Dugan
We Were On A Boat:  Self-Care in the Time of a Global Pandemic. The COVID-19 Pandemic can feel overwhelming.  Employees who have been classified as “essential” have been placed in situations where they not only have to work their regular assignment, but may have incurred additional hours, on top of caring for family, providing educational opportunities and support to children, and dealing with their own feelings all while in an ever-changing climate of...


  • By: David Prentice
FMLA ELIGIBLE?   WHO KNOWS. The FMLA, at Section 102 (a) (1) (C) [Act], establishes that eligibility for leave under the Act must meet certain criteria.  One criterion is to care for a seriously ill family member who is a “spouse, or a son, daughter, or parent…” of the employee.  In other words, the person being cared for must have a biological or legal relationship...

Mandatory Face Covering Requirement

  • By: Gretchen Dugan
Mandatory Face Covering Requirement Pursuant to the California Department of Public Health updated guidance for the use of face coverings which was announced at approximately noon on June 18, 2020.Please Note:  Executive Order N-60-20, issued on May 4, 2020, ordered that “All residents are directed to continue to obey State public health directives” (emphasis added).  This mandate is issued by the California Department of...

Stay Out of It – Inmates Have No Standing to Sue About Phone Bills

  • By: P.J. Van Ert
Stay Out of It – Inmates Have No Standing to Sue About Phone Bills Many of our county clients maintain contracts with private service providers for a variety of municipal needs. In a recent case, several California counties were sued by a group of inmates, organized by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, claiming that fees for telecommunications service in jails were an unlawful tax, requiring voter approval under Proposition 26.  The fees for use...

Staff Spotlight- Gretchen Dugan

  • By: Kim Pike
Staff Spotlight- Gretchen Dugan Mrs. Gretchen Dugan has worked with the law firm of Prentice|LONG PC for nearly fifteen months.  Her calm and friendly demeanor provide superior customer assistance when answering phone lines and working with clients.  She helps to manage the firm’s calendar and works as Lead File Clerk, in addition to her many duties as Legal Assistant to multiple attorneys.  “Gretchen has...