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Cannabis Law

From the beginning, Prentice|Long, PC, has been advising and preparing legislative action to legalize commercial Cannabis for medical use. Our firm has guided municipalities through the decision-making process for creation of commercial activities and licensing or exercising local control to ban commercial activities.

Although the jurisdictions have decided to handle the commercial cultivation differently, Prentice Long PC has guided and created code for the legislative body to exercise control in the way the legislative body felt was most in harmony with their constituents. In addition to commercial cannabis, Prentice|Long, PC is also very involved and prepared to advise and create legislation for industrial hemp. Although hemp is not classified as cannabis, many jurisdictions have felt the impacts were identical and sought guidance for what local controls exist.

Prentice|Long, PC has comprehensive knowledge related to the regulation, enforcement, licensing and enforcement of commercial cannabis and industrial hemp production. This knowledge allows the jurisdiction to understand their local control and avoiding litigation for over regulation.

Although not a licensed activity, Prentice|Long, PC also has created and advised local governments related to the regulation of non-commercial personal cultivation of cannabis for personal, recreational and medical uses. State law has made very clear what may be cultivated for recreational use, yet the area surrounding medical use is not so clear and is ripe for interpretation by the court. Prentice|Long, PC constantly reviews court cases, legislation and stakeholder information related to this subject to better anticipate best practices for local governments.