Municipal Law

Fall River

Code Enforcement

The law firm of Prentice|Long, PC contracts and advises municipalities throughout Northern and Central California, assisting local communities in their efforts to improve quality of life and address nuisances that impact public health and safety. Working closely with law enforcement, our Code Enforcement attorneys help clients utilize all available tools to meet their code enforcement needs. We assist in selecting cost-efficient options to achieve compliance, enhance public health and safety, rehabilitate properties, and maintain safer, cleaner neighborhoods.

As a full-service law firm with a focus on the representation of public entities, our team of attorneys provides pre-litigation general counsel advice, obtains civil remedies, such as injunctions and receiver appointments, abatements, and represents clients in administrative hearings and in courts at every stage. Being available and accessible to the code enforcement staff to provide guidance and insure the process is correct and expedient is our main goal.

Prentice|Long, PC assists public agencies with all aspects of code compliance and enforcement including:

  • Abatements, summary, judicial and administrative methods
  • Review, approval or drafting of inspection warrants, including demolition of buildings
  • Administrative citations, fines and appeal proceedings
  • Cannabis-related enforcement for non-permitted commercial cultivation and personal cultivation not in compliance with County and State law
  • Civil litigation, writ proceedings and appeals
  • Drafting, interpretation and enforcement of ordinances, policies and regulations
  • Nuisance abatement actions and pursuit of liens and assessments
  • Permitting and license revocations
  • Establishing Receiverships required to rehab properties