Fall River

I Care Too Much

  • By: Sophia Meyer
I Care Too Much In 2008 I witnessed a superstar, talented, attractive, has-it-all woman, who was approximately my age, shaving her head, attacking paparazzi with an umbrella, having a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas (and an annulment soon thereafter), walking barefoot in public, and participating in other erratic behavior detailed in the tabloids.  The result of these “Oops, I Did it Again” behaviors was...

It’s Time to Redistrict

  • By: Margaret E. Long
It’s Time to Redistrict After the completion of the U.S. census every 10-years, public agencies with officers elected from geographical districts must “redistrict.”  This requires review of the recent Census population data and, if necessary, adjustment of voting area boundaries to keep them as nearly equal in population as possible, allowing for certain variances due to geography, topography, communities of interest, etc., all as...

New Use of Force Regulations

  • By: Kelsey Walsh
New Use of Force Regulations New laws restricting use of force by police were passed by Governor Newsom this year in response to the public outcry spurred by the events which took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the ultimate death of George Floyd.  Protests took place in every state across the nation decrying police brutality.  While every state was forced to examine these issues, no...

My Employee has COVID, Who Must I Tell?

  • By: Sophia Meyer
My Employee has COVID, Who Must I Tell? AB 685 – COVID-19 Employer Notice and Reporting Requirements: Signed into law on September 17, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom set forth standards that employers must follow to provide notice to employees and report information related to COVID-19 exposures to local public health agencies.  AB 685 specifically requires employers to provide the following four notices related to potential COVID-19 exposures in the...

New State Rules for Employing Minors

  • By: Margaret E. Long
New State Rules for Employing Minors A new California law has created additional requirements for employers that have workers (including volunteers) under the age of 18. AB 1963 amends the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act to add to the list of mandatory reporters a human resources employee and frontline supervisor of an agency with five or more workers and that employs minors.This means that if an...

No More Thumbs Up on Social Media

  • By: Margaret E. Long
No More Thumbs Up on Social Media On September 18, 2020, Governor Newson signed Assembly Bill (AB) 992 into law. AB 992 amends the Brown Act's provisions concerning serial meetings by addressing, for the first time, the use of social media by members of a legislative body. AB 992, which amends Government Code section 54952.2, clarifies what kind of communications a public official may have on social media and what...